Band Coaching

Music happens in the space between the notes

- Claude Debussy 


Is your band not sounding as good as you know it could?

Not tight, no groove, songs lack energy? 

Difficulty recruiting or retaining members?

Conflicts within the band?

Not getting as many gigs as you want?

Not getting repeat bookings? 

Preparing for an important gig or recording session?  


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There's nothing quite like the feeling when your band sounds really tight, is grooving and playing with lots of energy.  Isn't that feeling the reason you play music in the first place?  But, why can't your band always sound that good?  Does it seem that no matter how much you rehearse, it's just not happening?  You may be surprised to learn that the answer to how to get a band to sound great is not necessarily musical, it's...




We all know that there are lots of good bands filled with mediocre (even poor) musicians who can sound great when they play together. And we also know that even great bands can sound bad sometimes.  How is that possible?  


You don't have to be a great musician, or be in a band with great musicians, to sound great.  The great sounding bands are only doing a few things a little bit differently, a little bit better.  But it's those few things, those small differences that get them huge results!

Your band can learn to do those things too!


As a qualified performance coach/psychotherapist as well as a professional musician with nearly 40 years of performance experience, I am uniquely qualified to help you solve your band's performance problems.  I can also help resolve intra-band conflicts, communication, time management, and leadership issues. I'll work with your band through a custom designed program to identify and eliminate your barriers to a great performance.


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