Playing guitar is fun and relaxing. That's why millions of people play guitar and millions more want to learn. Oh yeah, it's really cool too.


Why Choose Lessons With Me?

  • I Am A Professional Musician With over 40 Years Experience
  • I Have Over 30 Years Guitar Teaching Experience
  • I Hold A BA(Hons) Degree In Creative Musicianship  
  • I Am A Full Member Of The Registry Of Guitar Tutors (RGT)
  • RGT And RockSchool Exam Prep Available
  • Free Assessment
  • 33% Discount When You Attend Your Lesson Before 3pm
  • Bi-Weekly Lessons Available
  • Buy 10 Lessons In Advance And Get The 11th FREE  
  • Child Rates 
  • A Selection Of Lesson And Courses* To Suit Your Budget
  • Easily Move Between Private Lessons And Courses*
  • A Commitment To Help You Be The Best Guitarist You Can Be 



Early-Bird (Lessons before 3pm Mon - Fri) £20

One-to-One (3pm to 8pm Mon - Fri)  £30

Sunday Lessons £30 

Bi-Weekly Lessons £40

Dynamic Duos £25

Power Trios £20

E-Lessons £30

Children's Lesson (50 Minutes) £15

Children's Lesson (25 Minutes) £9

Buy 10 Lessons in Advance and get the 11th FREE


What You Can Expect From Private Lessons

My goal is to make your lessons Fun and Enjoyable! One way I do this is to focus on your musical goals. Whether you're an absolute beginner or an advanced player, I focus on what you want to achieve on the guitar. Based on an assessment of your goals and playing ability, I will develop a lesson stategy to help you achieve them. Included in this strategy will usually be work in several areas such as:


  • Fretboard Knowledge
  • Technique
  • Repertiore (learning songs)
  • Ear Training (Aural Skills)
  • Music Theory
  • An Emphasis on Creativity and Expressiveness   


Another way I make your lessons fun and enjoyable is to encourage you to explore your own expressiveness and creativity. After all, isn't that what music is all about?

During your lessons, we'll also explore ways to bring more expressiveness into your playing. You'll learn how to make your guitar sound happy, angry, sad, contemplative or make it gently weep. You can express any emotion or mood you want and you can do this with just one note! 

We'll also work on building your repertiore with songs you want to learn to play, along with songs that may challenge you a bit. 

Along with learning songs, we'll explore ways of putting your own personal creative stamp on what you play, because you don't always have to play songs exactly the way they are recorded. You can if you want to, but it's much more fun to make them your own. You don't have to be an expert musician before you do this. In fact, the best musicians started doing this from the start.

Another important area I focus on in lessons is developing good technique. My experience has been that when a player finds a piece of music too difficult to play, it's usually an issue of technique. Good technique will also make the guitar more comfortable and enjoyable to play.

While you're learning guitar with me, I'll also introduce you to music theory and ear training. Music theory is the 'rule book' of how music works. Understanding it will be a tremendous help in not only your playing, but in your appreciation of music generally.


What are the advantages of Group Lessons and Courses?

The traditional way to learn a musical instrument has always been weekly private lessons. But private lessons can be expensive and in these economic times not everyone can afford private lessons. 

That's why I offer a solution - group lessons.  A group could be as small as two people or a larger class.  Group music lessons is a fairly new idea, but, besides cost savings, there are some other real advantages.  

Research at the University of Texas and elsewhere has revealed that people learn better in groups.  Some of the advantages of group lessons over one-to-one lessons are:

  • Students develop a more complete understanding by comparing their understanding with others
  • Explaining concepts to others encourages elaboration, questioning and deeper understanding
  • Students with more advanced skills serve as models
  • Group discussion of difficult/confusing topics promotes more sophisticated understanding
  • Group lessons are more motivating because members feel supported and encouraged by the group.
  • Mutually supportive environment reduces inhibition and promotes experimentation and creativity

invite all my students to rotate between private and group lessons and the specialist courses* I offer. This helps my students solidify what they've learned in private lessons while gaining all the advantages group lessons have to offer. It also makes learning guitar much more fun and affordable over the long term.

*Courses offered periodically throughout the year. 

Email: Bob@guitar-coach.com

Phone: 07932 686 781

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