Here are some links you might find helpful.


 Registry of Guitar Tutors - The World's foremost organisation for guitar education - A performance coach specialising in helping amateur bands improve their sound and get gigging!

Musician's Union - Global union for musician's - a great site for tabs on the web.  They're not all 100% accurate, but check out the tabs rated 5 star.  Or better yet, buy Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro - a really good software package with staffed music and tab with accompanying midi files.

Fender Guitars - Fender guitars official site

Taylor Guitars - Fine acoustic guitars

Norman's Music - London's oldest continually operating music store, which caters to beginners.

Neck Diagrams - A terrific software package I use to make all your scales, chords and Arpeggio graphics.

Good Ear - The best ear training site on the web - A mobile guitar technician with an impressive pedigree, he trained under Jimmy Page's guitar tech. 


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