Courses offered by Guitar-Coach cover a wide range of topics from beginner to advanced; from music theory to improvisation.

Below is a list of courses currently being offered.



Improvisation is perhaps the most coveted skill of most guitarists.  We listen to our heros and are awestruck by their skill, taste and passion.  But how do they sound so good?

This 10 week course will demystify the art and science of soloing.  It will cover a range of techniques and concepts to have you soloing with confidence.   

All materials including MP3 jam tracks included in course fees.


Ear Training

The most important tool for any musician isn't his instrument - it's his ears (ok, except Beethoven). How much easier would playing be if you could identify melodies, chords, intervals as soon as you hear them? How much better would your soloing or writing be if you could play what you hear in your head?

Having a good ear is not a gift, it's a skill. This 12 week course will take you through the essential steps and teach you the techniques required develop your ear. This course is open to all musicians. Guitar not required.

All materials including MP3 jam tracks included in course fees.


Music Theory

Ever wonder how a songwriter 'knew' to select that chord or that series of notes  to express a particular, feeling, emotion or image? That's music theory. You may have heard it said that learning music theory stiffles creativity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Music Theory is the collection of ideas that we, as music lovers, have agreed dictate what sounds good and what doesn't. Understanding music theory is the key to musical expression. 

Through a combination of lecture, group discussion and exercises this 12 week course will teach fundamental and some intermediate and advanced music theory concepts to help improve your musicianship. All musicians welcome.

All materials including MP3 jam tracks included in course fees.


Rhythm Techniques

As a guitarist you will spend 99% of your time  playing rhythm.  Yet, most guitarist neglect this vital skill in their practice routines and, instead, focus on lead playing. What many guitarists don't realize is that playing rhythm can be just as interesting and challenging, perhaps even more so, than playing a ripping solo. There can be more to it than just strumming chords.

This 12 week course will focus on the skills involved in rhythm playing including: timing, dynamics, chord voicing and vocabulary, triads, rhythm patterns, stylistic embellishments, tone and more. 

All materials including MP3 jam tracks included in course fees.



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