The traditional way of learning guitar has been private one-to-one lessons.  There are certainly advantages to private lessons. They provide focus and structure.  And, provided you have a competent, qualified tutor, who knows the best ways to teach music, you can make good progress in a short time.

One-to-one lessons take place in my home teaching studio and all lessons are tailored to your needs and interests. My teaching studio is equiped with guitars, amps, effect pedals, learning resources and studio quality digital recording equipment - everything you need for the best learning experience.

All lessons are 50 minutes in duration and take place weekly.




Bulk Lessons

Receive a 10% discount if you purchase 10 weekly one-to-one lessons in advance. All lessons must be attended on consecutive weeks (apart from bank holidays).


Early Bird Special!

Receive at least a 25% discount if you schedule to attend your weeky one-to-one lesson between the hours of 8am and 2pm (inclusive) Monday thru Friday.


Bi-Weekly Sunday Lessons!

Schedule too busy for weekly lessons? Recession pinching a little too hard? How about a lesson every other Sunday? Your lessons would be one 50 minute one-to-one lesson every other Sunday at the normal £30 per lesson rate. The benefit for you is that you get to have regular lessons with a professional tutor at half the price! 


Child Discount!

I offer two discount lesson prices for children under the age of 12. Your child can either have a 50 minute lesson at £15 or a half hour lesson at £9. This applies to a single child from a household. Children of this age group can not participate in group lessons with students outside their age group.


Family Discount!!!

Is there more than one person in your family who wants lessons?

Half Price for 2nd Family member taking concurrent lessons

Free lessons for all subsequent family members taking concurrent lessons.

The Family Discount can not be combined with any other discount offer. 



Phone: 07932 686 781