Dynamic Duos


Dynamic Duos is a great way to learn guitar because you get a nice mix of private and group lessons. You'll take your lesson with another student of similar skills and, aside from receiving a discount, you'll also be able to learn from each other and have a jam partner. A great option for a couple of friends who both want to learn!

All Dynamic Duo lessons take place in my home teaching studio and all lessons are tailored to your needs and interests. My teaching studio is equiped with guitars, amps, effect pedals, learning resources and studio quality digital recording equipment - everything you need for the best learning experience.

All lessons are 50 minutes in duration and take place weekly.




Bulk Lessons

Receive a 10% discount if you purchase 10 weekly Dynamic Duo lessons in advance. All lessons must be attended on consecutive weeks (apart from bank holidays).


Early Bird Special!

Receive at least a 25% discount if you schedule to attend your weeky Dynamic Duo lessons before 3pm Monday thru Friday.



 Email: Bob@guitar-coach.com

Phone: 07932 686 781